Peg G.

asked • 11/01/17

word problem involving the maximum or minimum of a quadratic function

A supply company manufactures copy machines. The unit cost C (the cost in dollars to make each copy machine) depends on the number of machines made. If x machines are made, then the unit cost is given by the function 
C(x) = 0.4x^2 - 112x + 15,045. How many machines must be made to minimize the unit cost? 
Number of copy machines: ____

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Mark M. answered • 11/01/17

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Mathematics Teacher - NCLB Highly Qualified

Kenneth S.

Endorsing what Mark has told you, I point out that this function is an upside-down parabola, so the maximum value occurs at the vertex in such a case. Mark repeated the formula for x coordinate, which you should commit to memory. Strive for understanding & retention of key ideas!


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