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Absolute value of |-1.1|

Math 990 questions

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2 Answers

Also keep in mind that on some questions like this the answer is no solution. Officially speaking an absolute value can not be a negative number, because like Daniel said it's the distance from zero and you can't go into zero. So if turning it into a positive number doesn't work then try "No Solution."

Absolute value is used to find how far a number is from zero. If you drew it on a number line, the absolute value of a number would be the distance to zero on that number line.

The absolute value of -1.1 will be 1.1, since -1.1 is a distance 1.1 units from zero on a number line. 


The absolute value of a negative number will be positive, and the absolute value of a positive number will be unchanged. eg.

|-9| = 9

|9| = 9


|-15.5| = 15.5

|15.5| = 15.5