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asked • 08/04/17

Surface Area help!

The inner dimensions of an in-ground swimming pool are: width = 13.0ft, length = 18.0 ft, and depth = 9.0ft. The pool walls and the bottom are uniformly 1.0 ft thick and made of concrete. What is the total concrete surface area of the pool in units of ft2?

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Andy C. answered • 08/04/17

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Dqq Q.

I got something similar, but it isnt one of the answer choices
 a. 1300
b. 1858
c. 1624
d. 1066


Mark M. answered • 08/04/17

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Mark M.

On second reading, the problem states "the inner dimensions" are. Therefore the measurements given are not altered by the 1 foot thick wall.
1 x 18 x 13
2 x 13 x 9
2 x 18 x 9
Yet that does not given any of the choices above.


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