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Sean has three blue blocks and six pink blocks that weight 14 ounces altogether. Ayla has three pink blocks and they weigh the same as  two blue blocks. How much does each block weight? Set up and use equations to solve this problem

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Ok. So for this we can say B is a Blue Block's Weight and P Is a pink block's weight in ounces.
We are given that 3B+6P=14 and also that 3P=2B
For 3P=2B, we can divide both sides by 3 to find the weight of a Pink block.
3P/3=2B/3 → P=B*2/3
We next will substitute our new value of P into our first equation.
3B+6*B*2/3B=14  → 3B+ 12B/3=14  → 3B +4B=14  → 7B=14. Divide both by 7 B=2 Ounces
We have our B value, so place it in the second equation
3P=2(2)  → 3P=4. Divide by 3 and you get P=4/3 Ounces.
You can check your answer by putting both answers into the first equation
3(2)+6(4/3)=14  → 6+ 24/3=14  → 6 +8 =14  → 14=14!
Pink=4/3 Ounces
Blue=2 Ounces