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My problem is that when we have a - sign like hust above does it count to a 1 which is minus or what. I really dont understand.Please give the answer like right now.



Whenever you come across a negative that's not immediately attached to a number or variable, you can safely put a 1 next to it to make it a -1. In your situation that -1 would the distributed in as John has shown below. 

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3 Answers

When you have a negative sign before a parenthesis, it should be treated like a negative one (-1).

-(5x + 2) + 2(1 + 5x)            Given

-5x - 2 + 2 + 10x                  Distributive property (the numbers in the 1st parenthesis times -1)

-5x + 10x -2 + 2                   Commutative property

5x + 0                                 Simplify

5x                                       Identity property of addition


-(5x+2)+2(1+5x) Math use compact notation and your question is about one of them. -(5x+2)= -1*(5x+2) = -1*5x+-1*2 = -5x-2 note that if we have -5x-2 you can factor a negative sign or a -1 out ant it convert in -(5x+2)so (-5x-2 = -1*(5x+2) = -(5x+2) ==================================================================== 2(1+5x) = 2+2*5x = 2+10x ==================================================================== then -(5x+2)+2(1+5x) ==> -5x-2+2+10x ==> (10x-5x) + (-2+2) ==> 5x

Yes, it's like multiplying whatever follows by negative one.
Or, it's your permission to erase the parenthsis and just flip the sign of everything that was inside them.