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linear equation help

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a) Slope-intercept form is y=mx+b. You must solve for 'y', and make the 'x' term the first one on the right side of the equation when you are finished.
b) The slope is the 'm' in the equation. it is the number (called the coefficient) that is with the 'x'
c) The y-intercept is the 'b' in the equation
d) If you get this far and someone hasn't already given you the answer, please post a reply and I will help you with this one. Thanks!


a) 2x – 5y = 3
Subtract 2x from both sides:
    2x - 5y - 2x = 3 - 2x
Now you have:
-5y = 3 - 2x
Divide both sides by -5:
y = (3 - 2x)/-5
You now have to divide both terms by -5, individually:
y = (3/-5) - (2x/-5)
(2x/-5) should be rewritten as (-2/5)x
y = (-3/5) - (-2/5)x
"add the opposite":
y = (-3/5) + (+2/5)x
Now we need to put it all into y=(m)x+(b) form:
y = (2/5)x - (3/5)
Slope is m (2/5), y-intercept is b (-3/5)
OK. Now that you have the equation for this line, we have the x and y variables. These are simply coordinate points on a graph. If you plug a number in for x, then do the math and solve for y, you will have the coordinates for a point on this line. The y-intercept has an x coordinate of zero - (0,y). This means that you plug in a zero where the x is, and solve for y. In our problem, if x is zero, then x times (2/5) is zero. All that is left is y = -3/5. So the coordinates are (0,-3/5). This is a point on this line. Now you can plug in another number for your x, and solve for the y. This will be another set of coordinates on this line. Hint: Most of the time people like to use 1 or -1 for x.
Let me know if you need any more help!