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a diver scored 9.2,9.6,9.7,9.4 and 9.3 in the first 5 dives in a diving competition,

where all scores are given in tenths. to win firdst place she must beat a total score of 56.6 what is the lowst score she can get on her last dive to win the comptition

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2 Answers

Hi Thu, If the diver wants to beat 56.6, and the scores are given in tenths, then the diver has to get 56.7 to win. We know the diver's scores in 5 out of 6 dives. We can call the unknown dive score x. Then we have: A. 9.2+9.6+9.7+9.4+9.3+x=56.7 B. We add all the scores of the first 5 dives and get: 47.2+x=56.7 C. Now we subtract 47.2 from both sides to get x alone: x=9.5 So 9.5 is the lowest score she can get in order to beat 56.6. Hope that helps! -Sonja

9.2 + 9.6 + 9.7 + 9.4 + 9.3 = 47.2 (total she already has)

56.7 (= 56.6 + 0.1, the lowest possible winning score) - 47.2 = 9.5 (what she needs to win on final dive)