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3y=y+10 what does y equal?

What does Y equal?

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First all the variables (y) must be on one side and the numbers (10) on the other.

1. substract 1y (seen on right side of equation) from both sides of the equation:

3y-1y=y-1y+10   ------>  2y=0+10   -------> 2y=10

2. then divide both sides by two to get the y alone

(2y)/2=10/2  ----->   y=5

The answer is y=5, to double check place 5 in the original equation as y

3(5)=5 + 10  ----->  15=15   check!

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First let's get the variable y all onto one side.  We do this by subtracting y from each side to get

3y - y = y - y + 10.  This gives us 2y = 10.  Then we divide each side by 2 and get 2y/2 = 10/2 and get 

y = 5.  We then check our answer by substituting 5 into the original equation.  3*5 = 5 + 10 = 15.