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The cost P, in dollars, to produce graphing calculators is given by the function C (X) = 53X + 2000, where X is the number of calculators produced.
a) Identify the dependent and independent variables
B) Evaluate C (1600) and explain what it represents
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4 Answers

a) X is independent variable, and C is dependent.
   C ( X) = 53 X + 2000
    C ( 1600) = 53 * 1600 + 2000
                   = 86800
          Cost of production of 1600 graphing calculator. 
Hi Paula;
y depends on x.  Henceforth, this is the dependent variable.
x does NOT depend on y.  Henceforth, this is the independent variable.
C (X) = 53X + 2000
The cost of producing 1600 calculators is $86,800.  The dollar value of the cost depends on the quantity of calculators produced.  The quantity of calculators produced does NOT depend on the cost.
Hi Paula,
a)  X is the independent variable
The cost P that is C(X) is the dependent variable.
b)  C(X)=53X+2000
The cost of 1600 calculators is $86800.
a) the dependent variable is C and the independent variable is X. You can independently decide how many calculators you want to make but once you do the cost is determined. i.e. dependent.
B) C(1600)=53*1600+2000 = $86,800 this is the cost in dollars to produce 1600 graphing calculators.