Ellen B.

asked • 01/20/17

Combinations and permutations please help

Omg pls I'm so stressed right now and I'm hoping this site will help with my math about permutations and combinations, so basically for my assignment I was given a story about Tom and jerry and there 3 problems that I can't find the solution to, if you guys could help that would mean the world to me thank you.

Tom gets back home but wants to take revenge from jerry, because at end of the day Jerry is a mouse and he is higher at the food chain, now this was not just revenge but his struugle for his pride. He plans a trap for Jerry and invites 100 other cats for help, tom forgot that it was just a mouse not Osama bin laden. Out of 100, 50 brought a mele weapon, 30 brought guns, 25 brought rocket launchers, 3 cats brought all the three, 10 brought mele+gun, 5 brought gun+ RPG and 4 brought RPG+ mele. How many cats came empty handed.

This group of 100 cats is also known as Cats Against Terrorism or CAT, CAT had apples, milk, cheese, cake, pie, ramen and vegies for lure, there are how many combinations of lure used if at least two items have to be used.

Were able too capture jerry, they wanted to tease jerry but only five cats who gets elected as president, vice president, secretary, head of cat reltions and CAT ambassador can only get to tease jerry, there are how mny ways in which this body can be elected, tom has to be one on the committee, sure shot

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Ellen B.

Thank you very much 


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