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Mixture Problem

How many gallons of gasoline that is 8% ethanol must be added to 2,000 gallons of gasoline with no ethanol to get a mixture that is 6% ethanol?
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2 Answers

       We have 2000 gallons of gasoline with no ethanol
       We want to add some 8% gasoline to make 6% gasoline
     gallons of gasoline that is 8% ethanol = x
(So the equation for the problem is going to be, Amount of current liquid * Percent of ethanol + Amount of liquid going to be added * Percent of ethanol = Total amount of liquid * Target amount of ethanol)
Lets solve the equation for x,
0.08x = 120 + 0.06x
0.08x - 0.06x = 120
0.02x = 120
x = 120/0.02
x = 6,000
Hence, 6,000 gallons of gasoline must be added
.08(X) +.00(2000) = .06(2000+X)
Solve this equation for X
The left side is the 2 parts separate
The right side is the mixture