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how do you solve one step equations

I dont seem to understand algebra,like when my parents and my teachers teach me i feel like i understand but when i walk away and try doing one on my own its like what language is this in .

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Another thing to think about: ask yourself what the problem is asking for. for a one step equation you will do one step to solve for the variable. Your goal is to get the variable (x) ALONE on one side of the equation (= sign).
3 + __ = 4
3 + x = 4 (subtract 3 from both sides) (3-3=0) and (4-3=1)
3 -3 + x = 4 -3
          x = 1
SO, 3 + 1 = 4  (there was a positive 3 so you did the opposite by subtracting)
6x = 12 (ask, 6 times what equals 12?) (the opposite here is division) (so divide each side 6)
6x = 12
__     __
6        6
 x = 2
SO, 6(2) = 12
in other words, 6 times 2 equals 12
These are examples of one step equations.  I'm sure you can get help here with more complicated equations. We like to help!
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Hi Khyiala;
When you try executing algebraic questions on your own, do you read the questions quietly, or out-loud?  For some people, this is an issue.  It is not enough to see the materials, they also need to hear such.  Typically, their issues are not limited to algebra.
You understand your parents and teachers when they verbally explain something.  However, when you are on your own, you may not be doing this.  You are probably only doing visuals.
Try reading the algebra out-loud.  If this works, explain such to your parents and teachers.  Your instructors may be able to arrange for you to take exams in an isolated room so you do not interfere with the performance of other students.