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x^2+9 equations for solving

determine the equation of g(x) that results from translating the function f(x) =x^2 +9


Hi Amanda;
What translation would you like to execute?
I wonder if you mean what is g(x), the INVERSE of F(x)?  Or ... do you want to move the points up/down/left/right by some amount?  Once you "fill in the blank," your wish for a solution can and would be fulfilled!!
Or, perhaps you're asking about g(x)=x^2 being translated up 9 units to become f(x) ... or something similar to that?

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Hi Amanda,
I see that you are starting with the basic quadratic equation f(x) = x^2.  That equation has already been translated once by adding 9 so you now have f(x) = x^2 + 9.  To do any further translating we need to know more about what is being asked.  Were you given any other information with this question?