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What does x equal ?

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-2x-4x+6=10 simplifying we get -6x+6=10

so more simplification we get -6x=4 or

x= -2/3

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-2x-4x+6=10 can be simplified b. Taking the -2x-4x to get -6x, so your problem becomes -6x+6=10.

Then subtract 6 from each side to get -6x=4, then divide each side by -6 and you get x= -4/6 which simplifies into x=-2/3.

Tocheck you can plug it back into the problem, the simplified version -6x+6=10 will be easier, so -6(-2/3)+6= 10.

-6(-2/3) is 4 (the negatives cancel out), so 4+6=10 which is true so the answer x=-2/3 is correct.