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how do u rewrite 3k-7=32

I dont understand how to distributive property to rewrite the equation n than solve for each variable ? 

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Hey Jeannette, to distribute something to is when you have a coefficient in front of something in parenthesis and you need to multiply all of those numbers in the parenthesis by the coefficient.
3(X + 2Y) → 3X + 6Y
You can also do this in reverse, pulling out the common factor.
6X + 3Y → 3(2X + Y)
With the problem we have here there are two ways we can do it.

We can pull out the 3, leaving a fraction.
3K - 7 → 3(K - 7/3)
Or, to keep it at whole numbers we can subtract 32 from each side, and then factor
3K - 7 = 32 → 3K - 39 = 0 → 3(K - 13) = 0
If you are trying to solve the equation, then you just need to get K by itself on one side. This is similar to what we did before. Add 7 to both sides, and then divide each side by 3.
3K - 7 = 32 → 3K = 39 → K = 13
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Add 7 to both sides:
3k = 39
Divide by 3 both sides:
k = 13
The distributive property wasn't used for this solution.
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Hi Jeannette;
We want...
Obviously, the number 7 is not good to use for the blank position.   So let's move the 32 from the right side to the left...
This distributes as...