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find the slope of the line y = 8 and x = -5 or are they undefined

please show your work so I can know how to do this

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 Slope of a line between 2 points of a line given by Δy , = difference in vertical coordinates of 2 points           
                                                                         ΔX      difference in the horizontal coordinate of 2 points     
   X = 5  is a line parallel to Vertical axis:
    All points along the line X=5 have the same vertical value , their difference is always f 0 ,
       ΔY = 0
      Y  =8 :   is a line parallel with horizontal axis : all points along it have the same value of X, therefore;
                    the difference is always 0 
       Δx  = 0
       ΔyΔy    = undefined
       Δx     0 
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Hi Shekinah;
The slope is defined as change-of-y divided by change-of-x...
x and x1 can be any two points.  The situation is that the sum of zero is in the numerator.  The slope is defined as zero.
Zero is the denominator, also called the divisor.  Nothing can be divided by zero.  This is an undefined slope.
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y = 0 is the equation of a line with 0 slope and y intercept 8.
In other words, y = mx + b ⇒ y = (0)x + 8 ⇒ y = 8.
Similarly, x = -5 is a line perpendicular to the y-axis (i.e., infinite slope) and x-intercept -5.  There is no y-intercept.