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what is the best way to learn programming ?

i just want to know how to be good at programming and how can i learn programming in the easiest possible way

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fundamentals of programming with C# is a very good book (free) written by bulgarians. they tell you a great deal about how to become a programmer.
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Well it really depends on how comfortable you are with programming right now, and how susceptible you would be to learning programming languages on your own. I'm going to assume that your intent is to teach yourself, and with that in mind I'll provide a few options:
1) There are several VERY low level, child-friendly and oriented websites that do not require payment to use, but that are aimed at teaching young people the very basics of coding. This would be the MOST entry level option. This utilizes block programming (very simple stuff!) and pre-made tasks to teach you the underlying logic of programming. 
2) BYOB, a free block programming software. This is again a very basic and easy way of learning some very basic programming. There are many websites that will show you ways to use BYOB for learning purposes.
3) Python! This is my favorite way to get people started in programming. Python is a sophisticated and widely used language that is fairly easy to pick up on. It's also free. There are, again, many websites that will help you use Python as a learning aid (and any language, really).
4)Pick a specific language and just delve in. Set tasks for yourself and accomplish them. This is hard to do if you've never programmed before at all and don't have any resources.
5) Project Euler is a great place for learning math-based programming, if that happens to be your thing. 
6) Buy a book. I have Java for Everyone, which I used to learn Java a few years ago. I don't recommend it if you haven't learned another language already, but I'm sure there are book out there that are better suited to absolute beginners!
There aren't any short cuts and there aren't any easy ways out. You just have to pick it up and start, and you have to work at it all of the time. Programming skills will only come with a lot of practice. A tutor or a class can be VERY helpful in learning your first language, and I would always recommend that. But it isn't impossible to learn on your own, just difficult.