Mersaydess C.

asked • 07/11/16

They are looking for the d.c resistance as well as the a.c resistance

A single phase 8kv, 50hz, 50cm transmission line consists of three aluminum conductors with 3cm diameter. If the 50hz of the line is 5% greater than the D.C resistance, calculate the (i) D.C resistance, (ii) A.C resistance

Steven W.

I would be happy to help, but I have to ask a couple questions first.  Is 50 cm the length of all three aluminum conductors together? Or are three 50-cm aluminum wires running side-by-side in the single-phase line?
Also, does the information given mean that the AC "resistance" is 5% greater than the DC resistance?  I put resistance is quotes, because I believe what is meant is impedance, which is a particular combination of the true resistance and the resistive effects of the inductance and capacitance of the wire under AC driving.
I will proceed below on the side-by-side wire assumption, and assuming the impedance is 5% greater than the DC resistance.


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