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regarding elips

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2 Answers

For an ellipse  the distance, d, from the center to a focal point is d = a e,  where a is the semi-major axis length and e is the eccentricity.   Given the data, a = 150 x 10^6  and e = 0.0167  .  So  d = 2.505 x 10^6.
The distance of closest approach is   a - d =  147.495 km and the maximum distance to the sun is
a + d = 152.505 .


Good alternate technique, but off by 1000.  ;-S
Xp: min distance from sun (Perihelion)
Xa: max distance from sun (Aphelion)
a: Semi-major axis =150 million km
Xp = a(1-e) = 150,000,000(1-.0167)~147.5 Million Km
Xa = a(1+e) = 150,000,000(1+.0167)~152.5 Million Km
Since e~0, it's nearly a circular orbit.
Fun Fact: Winter in the Northern Hemisphere occurs at Perihelion (Closest to sun)
This is because distance is not as important as Solar Constant (Earth axis tilt)