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Find the equation of the ellipse?

A skating park has a track shaped like an ellipse. If the length of the track is 90 m and the width of the track is 40 m, find the equation of the ellipse.

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George C. | Humboldt State and Georgetown graduateHumboldt State and Georgetown graduate
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Major radius = 45

Minor radius = 20

(x^2)/(45)^(2)  +  (y^2)/(20)^(2)  =  1



I don't think this is correct, George.

The standard form of an ellipse is 

x^2/a^2 + y^2/b^2 = 1, where a and b are the radii in the corresponding directions.  

So for this problem, with a = 45, b = 20.

x^2/45^2 + y^2/20^2 = 1

You're correct.  Was trying to answer before wireless service ran out.  Thanks for the correction which I will now apply.