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Simplify 1/cscx+1 - 1/cscx-1

This is for my trig class, and the directions say use the fundamental trigonometric identities to simplify the expression. Thanks for the help!

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Perhaps you wrote it improperly.  The answer is ZERO
(1/cscx - 1/cscx)  +  (1-1) = 0
Serenity - You need to be very careful with parenthesis.  I think you meant to pose the question as follows:
1/(cscx+1) - 1/(cscx-1)
= 1/(1/sinx+1) - 1/(1/sinx-1)
=sinx/(1+sinx) - sinx/(1-sinx)
=sinx( 1/(1+sinx) - 1/(1-sinx)  )
=sinx( (1-sinx) - (1+sinx) )/(1-sin^2x)
=sinx(-2sinx)/ (1-sin^2x)
Want an even easier method?
1/(cscx+1) - 1/(cscx-1)
=  ( cscx-1 - (cscx+1) )/ (csc^2x-1)
= -2/cot^2x      (because csc^2x-1 = cot^2x)
= -2tan^2x


 Two terms are opposite of each other, add up to 0.