Ximena L.

asked • 05/16/16

help please

Jenny was mixing herself a glass of chocolate milk. “You certainly have enough chocolate syrup in the glass,” remarked Kevin, who then found a glass of milk of his own to drink. “Only a third of a glass of syrup, “ said Jenny. “And you’re certainly taking your share.” “I only have one-fourth of a glass,” estimated Kevin. “But Kevin, your glass holds twice as much as mine!” “Tell you what,” said Kevin, after they both had mixed milk and syrup in their glasses. “Let’s combine our drinks in a larger pitcher, and then split the whole amount.” While Jenny is trying to decide whether or not this arrangement is to her advantage, can you say what part of the combined mixture would be syrup? Use pictures, numbers, or words to show your solutio

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Sanhita M. answered • 05/17/16

4.7 (11)

Mathematics and Geology

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