Josie B.

asked • 04/20/16

A particle moves on a line away from its initial position so that after t hours it is s = 2t^2 +3t miles from its initial position.

Find the average velocity of the particle over the interval [1, 4]. Include units in your answer.
Thank you!!

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Bill P.

If it is correct to use (f(4)-f(1))/3, then
f(4) = 2(16) + 3(4) = 44  since f(t) = 2t^2 + 3t  and t^2 = 16 when t = 4
f(1) = 2(1) + 3(1) = 5
44 - 5 = 39
39/3 = 13
I believe that this is correct. Faraz correctly stated to find the difference in the position divided by the difference in the time. There was simply a mistake in the calculation.


Faraz R.

That's what I get trying you do a Calc problem at 3am :)....simple math mistake lol


Bill P. answered • 04/21/16

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