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Austin S.

asked • 04/19/16

how many moles of PbCl2 will dissolve in 1 liter of .2 M Pb(NO3)2

 I am working on a chemistry packet and this is one of the problems. I do not know where to start on how to do it or how to get an answer. 

Chloe W.

1.             Pb(NO3)2    +     2NaCl         >      PbCl2 + 2NaNO3
2.             Use formula n = C/V
For Pb(NO3)2:       n    =  0.2 / 1  =  0.2 moles     
3.             Given the formula above, the ratio of Pb(NO3)2 : PbCl2     =     1:1 (i.e. number of moles are equal for each)
4.             Therefore, n(PbCl2)    =    0.2 moles


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Stanton D. answered • 10/18/19

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