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using x and y, what is the translation for the ordinate is two more than the abscissa

thank you so much! :3 heres a cookie!..okay theres no cookie, but help a sister out, please? :(


Serena, because "y" is depent variable, you have to give the formula of dependency.

(x, y) ----> (x+2, ???)

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Hi again Sister Serena;
The x coordinate of the horizontal axis, is also known as the abscissa.
The y coordinate of the vertical axis, is also known as the ordinate.
The way I memorize this is
x and y are in alphabetical order...
abscissa and ordinate are in alphabetical order...
horizontal and vertical are in alphabetical order.
In this equation, I believe the translation you are looking for is the conversion of words into formula...
x is the abscissa
y is the ordinate