Stacey P.

asked • 03/01/16

28 ÷ 7 x 6

This question is in our third grade math book.  If you use order of operations, the problem is impossible for a third grader to answer.  Don't you have to do multiplication, then division.  The answer key says to do 28 ÷7 = 4, then 4 x 6 = 24.  Can you do that?  I thought it was x, ÷, + then -.

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Don L. answered • 03/01/16

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Alan G. answered • 03/01/16

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David W.

"This is the proper way to use the order of operations without parentheses. Parentheses (of course) cause the rules to be applied differently."
Well, this is the proper order of operations (which may include parentheses).  Of course, parentheses change the order of operations, not the rules or their application.


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