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express each sum or difference as a single fraction in simplest form


Hi, Kathy. Can you rewrite the problem so it's a little more clear? It's hard to tell how it is supposed to written; for example, is 10ab the first term or is 10ab+1 the numerator of a fraction? When writing problems in linear style, you can use parentheses around numerator and denominator values to separate them.

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Since 6/3=2, you can combine the "a" terms.    10ab + (a2b)/5 - a + (6/3)a =

Look for common denominator. It's 5.      (50/5)ab + (1/5)(a2b) + (5/5)a =

Combine all terms in the numerator and divide by common denominator.  (50ab + a2b + 5a)/5