Alexis K.

asked • 02/02/16

How do I make solve this problem with a tree diagram?

Here's the whole problem:
Assume that there are 6 types of upholstery, 6 types of wood, and 3 designs to choose from. Of the designs, 2 designs permit both a choice of wood and a choice of upholstery, but 1 of the design allows only a choice of upholstery.
How many different chairs can be made?
I thought to make the tree, you start with the three designs, the first three branches being 1, 2, and 3. Then branching off of the first design is two branches (w) and (up), the same for the second design, then for the third branch just a branch for (up). I'm not sure how to find the answer for this problem.

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Kenneth S. answered • 02/02/16

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Alexis K.

Thanks so much!! I was just overthinking it. And also adding the numbers at the end of the branches instead of multiplying 


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