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How do I solve this equation 4x+1<2x-19

I am having a problem with this
Can you help me?

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The answer is -10>x. This is an algebra problem. Here's how you solve it:
The way to read it is: four x's plus one is smaller than two x's -19. This means many numbers could be x, so the way to figure out if you are correct at the end is to just try a number that should apply, and see if the statement is true.
First step is to add -1 to both sides, like any algebra problem:
If you add -2x to both sides, you can isolate x terms:......4x-2x<2x-2x-20..............2x<-20
Divide both by 2 to get x alone:         2x/2<-20/2...............x<-10
This tells you that x has to be less than negative ten. It can be anything, but must be less than -10
try -12, and see if it works
4(-12)+1<2(-12)-19..............-47<-43       negative 47 is less than -43. this is true, so the statement is true. try any other number and it will work too .
Hope this helps you! Good luck!


Mary and Eric...The only comment I have here is in the question itself because Eric's math is perfect.  This should not be called an equation because there is not an equals sign.  It is an inequality.