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i need to make up a word problem for the expression 9/11 / 1/2

i need help with writing a word problem for the expression 9/11 / 1/2

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Hi Tricia;
If I understand this correctly, 9 must be divided by 11 which must be divided by one half.
Lisa was sewing a quilt 1 yard x 1 yard.  She had 22 perfect 1-foot-square pieces.  She would not cut any of these.  Half of the pieces were of cotton.  Half were of polyester.  She decided to only work with the cotton.  How many pieces did she sew into the quilt?
11 was half of the 22, she only worked with 9 of these.
 9 of 11 pieces was half of the total of 22.


Vivian multiplied 9/11 X 1/2, however when you go from dividing fractions to multiplying you MUST FLIP the second fraction from 1/2 to 2/1.  The RIGHT answer is 18/11.
Beth L;
You must flip the half, and multiply it by the numerator, not denominator.
Let's try an example with easier numbers.
When 2 is divided by 1/4, we have 8 units.  Henceforth, this is 1/8.
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First of all, when you divide two fractions, the answer is found like this:
9/11 divided by 1/2
9/11 x 2/1 (flip the second fraction and then multiply - rules of dividing fractions)
The final answer is 18/11 which is 1-7/11
Vivian L got it wrong because she multipled the 9/11 by 1/2 WITHOUT FLIPPING THE SECOND FRACTION.  She got 22 because she multipled 9/11 * 1/2 and got 9/22.  Since the problem is DIVISION, before you can MULTIPLY, you have to flip the second fraction from 1/2 to 2/1.