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what is the answer to 2s+3t+s+7t

it's part of a pyramid excersise and i'm a bit confused
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2 Answers

Combining like terms will result in (2s+s) + (3t+7t) = 3s + 10t.  Beware of trying to combine different terms such as s and s^2 (s squared) or terms such as 3ab and 3b.
Hi, Annabelle! Just combine the "like terms" -- in this case, combine the every term with an "s" (so...2s + s, which would give you 3s), then combine the terms with a "t" (so you would add the 3t and the 7t, giving you 10t).  Your answer would be 3s + 10t.
Hope this helps!
p.s.  Here's one for you to try yourself:  What is the answer to 10a + 18b + a + 20b?