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15 1/2% of what is 19

I am trying to do this problem. It is a homework question. I looked in my book and found the formula for basic percent equations (P x B = A). Since this is a fraction  I am not sure how to proceed
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use the formula percentage=rate X base, or p=r X b, where percentage is the IS number, base is the OF number, and rate is the PERCENT
19 = 15 1/2 % X base,  19 = 15.5 % X base,  19 = 0.155 X base,  divide both sides by 0.155 to get
19/0.155 = base,  base = 122.58 (rounded off) ,  the base is the unknown, the problem states " ... OF what
IS 19 "

See Vivian's and Ryan's answers

Hi Adams;
Thank you for the question.
First, in the equation, we do NOT want to work with %...
I hope this helps!
The easiest thing to do is to convert it to a decimal. 15 1/2% = 15.5% =.155
Using the equation from your book:
B=19/.155=122.58 (Rounded to the nearest hundredth)