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solve for x=8/9x+9=11

please solve step by step
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2 Answers

For the problem
First, you can cross multiply. Then, you get 8=99x+99    (99x+99) comes from distributing the 11 to 9x and to 9
-99       -99(subtract 99 from both sides of the equation in order to isolate x)
You will get -91=99x
You can now divide both sides of this equation by 99 and then you can solve for x
You can check your answer by plugging its value into the original equation. If you get 11=11, then you have the right value for x.
Assuming the starting equation is (8/9)*x+9=11  or (8x)/9+9=11:
First isolate the x term by subtracting 9 from both sides:
(8x)/9 + 9 - 9 = 11 - 9
(8x)/9            =    2
Now multiply both sides by 9/8 to get:
((8x)/9)*(9/8)  = 2  *  9/8
        1x    =          18/8
The right side can be reduced, by dividing the numerator and denominator by 2:
         x    =           9/4
Hope this helps.
George T.