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windchill temp

a) T=10o C,V=9m/sec
b)T=0o C,V=15m/sec
c)T=10o C,V =20 m/sec
  d) The formula to find the wind chill temperature is given by:
                   10.45+ 10V-square root sign-V)x(33-T)
  W=33                and this is over 22

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The windchill index equation contains V and T.  So for a, b, and c, you just plug in the V and T values and solve the equation.
I'm not sure what d) is asking for, but if W=33 and it's over 22, then (33-T) = 22, which means T = 11.  If you use the equation and substitute 33 for W and 11 for T, you should be able to solve for V.
You will get:
v - 10(sqrt(v) - 8.95=0  While this doesn't seem easy to solve, it is if you let x=sqrt(v).  Then you end up with a quadratic equation: x 2 - 10x - 8.95 = 0 and you can use the quadratic equation to solve it.