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8 imperial mints and 4 curly wurly cost 964p. 4 curly wurly and 8 carmac cost 756p. How much does 1 imperial mint,1 curly wurly and 1 carmac cost?

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We have two equations:
8i+4w = 964
4w+8c = 756
We can add the two equations, i.e., add the left-hand sides and add the right-hand sides:
8i+8w+8c = 964+756 = 1720
Now divide the equation by 8 and get
i+w+c = 215
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I think you are asked how much do  1 mint, 1 curly wurly, and 1 carmac cost together. Otherwise there is not enough information to solve the problem.
Well, let x be the cost of 1 mint, y--the cost of 1 curly wurly, and z--the cost of carmac. We have the following equations:
Add them together to obtain this:
8x+4y+4y+8z=1720 or
From the last one you can obtain
8(x+y+z)=1720 or