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Anna B.

asked • 08/17/15

I need help with calculus summer homework!

1. Describe the components of the vector v(t)=<t2,5t> and the meaning of this vector.
2. Convert the following parametric equation into a rectangular equation:
{y(t)=-5sint}      (these are meant to be in the same bracket, not two separate}
3. A plane is flying along a bearing of 60 degrees at 500 mph while the wind is blowing at a bearing of 315 degrees at 40 mph. 
a. draw a diagram modeling the situation
b. what is the speed and direction of the vector on which the plane is flying?
4. Given the following terms, find the general term for the series:
1+ (-1x)/2 + (x2)/8 + (-x3)/48 + (x4)/384

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Robert F. answered • 08/17/15

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