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Needed help for this equation.

(6 - 5x)(6 + 5x)=?


Fred, do you know the difference between equation and expression?

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David D. | Philosophy and Math tutor Philosophy and Math tutor
you need to visualize the foil method, Krill.
first start with the 6 in the first set and multiple with the second set <whole>
6 (6+5x) = 36+30x
second start with the -5x in the first set and multiple with the second set <whole>
-5x (6+5x) = -30x-25x^2
x^2 = x to the 2nd power  
after the basic foil is done, you must combine all like terms. 
x^2 terms may not be combine with 2x terms in short.
36-25x^2 should be your answer.


Let the student work a little bit himself. I referred to my previous answer for him to guide himself to the right solution.
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This is in the form (a-b)*(a+b). See my answer to your previous question to figure the answer to this one.