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sketch the graph of each line and name two solutions x=-3

just need a example

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2 Answers

Lines in the form x = <constant> are vertical lines going through the point, in this case, x=-3. 

Lines in the form y= <constant>, such as y = 3, are horizontal lines, passing through the Y-Axis at 3. 

Hello Devante, If your equation is simply x=-3, then for every pair of coordinates, the x is equal to -3, and the y is equal to ANYTHING. So the solutions are infinite; just make x=-3 the y=ANYTHING. Just a few possibilities are: (-3,0) (-3,1) (-3,-2) (-3,424223984) :-) The graph of this equation is a vertical line extending from negative infinity positive infinity, passing through -3 on the x-axis. Hope this helps! Look me up if you need more help! Doug S., from Blackwood, NJ