Rob D.

asked • 06/09/15

Solve using the quadratic formula

a. 5x2-3=14x
b. 1/3x^2=x+1/6

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Michael J. answered • 06/09/15

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David W.

For part (b):  Depending on how comfortable you are with using fractional coefficients in the quadratic formula, you may want to multiply that last equation by 18 to get all integer coefficients:      6x2 - 18x + 3 = 0
     so, a=6   b=-18  and  c=3
The result is the same,


Andrew M.

on the 2nd problem:
We can actually use 6 instead of 18 to eliminate the fraction... the smaller numbers would be obtained by multiplying the original equation through by 6 giving 2x2-6x-1
This gives a = 2, b = -6, c = -1
Also, David... you accidentally switched the sign of the constant... your equation should be
6x2 -18x - 3
I just reduced it again by dividing out the 3 as a common factor of that


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