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x+3y=7, find the y-intercept

find the y-intercept for: x+3y=7

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4 Answers

At the point of y-intercept, the coordinate of x is 0. Therefore,  let x = 0 and solve for y.

0+3y = 7

yint = 7/3 <==Answer

There's only one right answer to a math problem and when you're right, you're right.

Confirmed Y of X=0 in this equation is 7/3 or 2 1/3

Arrange the equation in the slope-intercept format:

  y = mx + b  --------------- eq. 1                    where b is the intercept.

 Given:    x+3y=7

 Rearrange it:     3y=-x + 7

                           y= (-1/3)x + 7/3 --------------- eq. 2

 Comparing eq. 1 and eq. 2,  intercept is 7/3, or two and one third.


The definition of a y intercept is the location where x = 0. I think the problem was trying to be misleading. The standard equation of a line is y=mx + b where m is the slope and b is the y intercept. One quick glance and you may see the 7 and assume that this the y intercept. However, when you begin to rearrange the equation x+3y=7,  move the x to the other side 3y=-x+7, you need to get rid of the 3 in front of the y so divide everything by 3, y=-1/3x+7/3. You can now either plug 0 in for x or just see that the value of b is 7/3. Just like the answers above.