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Needed help with this math question.

f(x)= 1/x^2 - 7

Is f(x) a polynomial function ? If so what's it's degree and type?

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Harry - 

I see that you posted this question several times with different functions. To get the most out of tutoring or a site like this, don't just rely on people in the forums to answer the questions for you. Ask once, read the response carefully, and try to apply it to the rest of the similar questions. That way you'll learn the math and be able to do the problems on your own!

I suggest you look at Tamara's response here:

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All polynomial functions must be defined for all values of x. Since x=0 would cause this function to be undefined (since you cannot divide by zero), this is not a polynomial function. Basically, if an x is in the denominator of a function it cannot be a polynomial.