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I cant figure this math question out?


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3 Answers

Here I think is part of Composite functions, if you could provide more info I or somebody else gladly can help you.



This is definitely function notation. You'll need to have more information (like what F(x) is equal to) to finish this question. Unless you are only looking to figure out how adding 1 to F(x) changes the function? Like on a graph?

Take F, put it under G on the left, and take X, and put it under x+1 on the right.


you get G/F=x/x+1


So which two numbers, when divided, are equal to the other two, plus one?


Right side:  10/5=2+1=3

Left side:    4/2+1=3




Sorry, I gave a bad solution.  Did not have paper in front of me. The method was correct, but I put the wrong numbers in the variables.

Gimme 5 mins.