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2 Answers

(2a + 4)^3 means (2a + 4)(2a + 4)(2a + 4)

Multiply the first two groupings together using FOIL:
(2a + 4)(2a + 4) =  4a^2 + 8a + 8a + 16
Combine like terms:  4a^2 + 16a + 16

Now take that answer and multiply by the third grouping using distributive property:

(4a^2 + 16a + 16)(2a + 4) =  8a^3 + 16a^2 + 32a^2 + 64a + 32a + 64

Combine like terms to get: 8a^3 + 48a^2 + 96a + 64

If you look closely at Nataliya D's answer, you'll see that multiplying each term in her grouping by the 8 out in front gives you the same answer.



Hi Sheila. As I understood, Jamal is taking on-line quizzes and interesting only in answers. Unfortunately, all our work we did for him is wasting time......

I was not aware of him seeking answers for quizzes.  I thought the answers he was providing were in the back of the book or something.  I think that's some form of abuse of the tutoring here... is there a way to report that?