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distance between plain a and plain b

plain a is traveling at a speed of 500 mph plane b is traveling 45mph slower than plain a when will plain a and plain b pass each other

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2 Answers

First let's assume that d0 miles is initial distance between two planes.
1. Both planes are traveling toward to each other with speed (500 + (500-45)) = 955 mph, and they will pass each other in (d0/955) hours.
2. Both planes are traveling in opposite directions with 955 mph and they will never "meet" each other.
3. Plane a "tries to catch" plane b and it will happen in d0/(500-455) = d0/45 hours.
4. Plane b (slower moving one) "tries to catch" plane a .... and it will never happen.

You have to complete your statement. What is the initial distance between two planes and how are their velocities directed? Please, provide feedback.


You are considering only one-dimensional motion. In this case everything you have said is correct. But it is not reflected in the text of the problem. Yes, we can assume, that this is a one-dimensional motion. But my point is, the author who introduces the problem, has to be accurate in making statements, so we don't have to make any additional assumptions.