precal question

Evaluate the function at the indicated values. (If an answer is undefined, enter UNDEFINED.)k(x) = −x2 − 4x + 5;     k(0), k(4), k(−4), k( 4), k(a + 4), k(−x), k(x2)


Solve (2x/4pi)+(1-x/2)=0, for x

If f(x) = x^2-3x and g (x) = sqrt (x) -1 then f(g(x)) = ?

The x is the only one that have a square root. Thank you I need help lol


complete the equation of the line through (6, -6) and (8, 8)

I just need to know what y equals.


Math Square root functions

Fill in the missing values in the table of values for this function. x-value y-value Starting point x-intercept 0 y-intercept 0 Additional point 20 please solve the question and put... more

Find the dimensions by factoring the area: Polynomials

a. 16x^2+4xb. x^2-4x-21c. x^2-36Factor each completely to find perimeter, length and width.


Polynomial Functions

Find a polynomial function that has the following zeros.A. -3, 2, 1 B. -4, 0, 1, 2 C. + 1, + square root 2D. 0, 2, 5 E. 2, 1+... more


find the cube root of 8(cos0+isin0)


Find the length of the third side of a triangle

The lengths of two sides of a triangle are 2 and 9. Which of the following can be the length of the third side?a)4B)6C)8D)12E)14


Algebra of matrices

A=[-3 4, 2 -3, -1 0] B=[4 1, 1 -2, 3 -4] Find A+B A-B 2B and 2A-3B

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