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what is mutual induction in the following question?

Two coils are placed close together in a physics lab to demonstrate Faraday’s law of induction. A current of 5.00 A in one is switched off in 1.00 ms, inducing a 9.00 V emf in the other. What is... more


Need some help understanding this question

Please help me understand this calculus 2 u substution question it confuses me


Relative error in physics

The length and breadth of a rectangular sheet have been measured by a measuring scale to an accuracy of 0.2m. If the measured values are 35.2cm and 21.7cm respectively, then find the relative... more

Solve the following log equation.

log2(x-2)+ log2(x+5)= 1


physics question

What is the spring constant of the spring in N/m if it compresses by 0.5m when the 60kg roller coaster cart hits it (assume no energy loss)? Use g = 10 m/s2. Assume the cart starts on a 5m platform... more


john is riding a bike along a straight path. For 0 <= t <= 20, John's velocity is given by a differentiable function v.

Selected values of v(t), where t is measured in minutes and v(t) is measured in meters per minute, are given in the table below.t(minutes). 0. 3. 6. ... more


help with my physics work..

if a 1279kg car is moving at 26.82 m/s when is hits a truck, resulting in a 20,000N force that slows the car down to 10 m/s, how long did the car experience the force?

Law of sines and cosines

In Triangle ABC, m<A=30o , m<B=80o , a=18in. Find the length of C.


For a submarine to stay submerged, it must be neutrally buoyant, which means it is maintaining a careful balance between its weight and the buoyant force of water pushing it toward the surface.

If a submarine has an enclosed volume of 327.781 m3, how much must it weigh to stay submerged? (Use 1000 kg/m3 for the density of water.)


Determining first derivative

Determine first derivative of the followingf(x)= sin^2x/2x


Integral question, well Im pretty sure it is.

Find a function f and a value of the constant a such that 2 ∫ax f(t)dt = 2sin(x)-1


Algebra mathematics

First, create 3 equations of the form  , where a, b, c, and d are constants (integers between – 5 and 5). For example,  . Perform row operations on your system to obtain a row-echelon form and the... more


how do I solve this?

find the slope of the tangent line to the curve given by x^2+xy^2+2y=8 at the point (2,1)


PLZ HELP Your town’s public library is building a new wheelchair ramp to its entrance. By law, the maximum angle of incline for the ramp is 4.76°. The ramp will have a vertical rise of 1.5 ft.

1) Your town’s public library is building a new wheelchair ramp to its entrance. By law, the maximum angle of incline for the ramp is 4.76°. The ramp will have a vertical rise of 1.5 ft. What is... more


calculus maximum revenue

When the admission price to a museum is ​$88​, it has been noted that 640640 people will purchase admission on any given day. Analysis predicts that for each​ $.10 reduction in the... more


Probability Question

An exam consist of ten true or false questions. If a student guesses at every answer, what is the probability that he or she will answer exactly six questions correctly?


Trigonometry problems

An observer standing 4 km away from the launch pad of a rocket sees the rocket on the ground immediately before lift-off. After six seconds, the angle of inclination above the horizon at which he... more


Find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating the region

Find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating the region in the first quadrant bounded by y =x^6, y=1 and the -axis about the line y= -4


use Law of Cosines to find the missing quantity

use Law of Cosines to find the missing quantitya. Find side a in ΔABC, b=6, c=8 and m∠A=62b. Find side r in ΔPQR, p=4, q=3 and m∠R=125c. Find m<C in ΔABC, of a=6,... more

Ball thrown up at speed 91feet/sec from height of 15 feet off the ground.The height h of ball after t seconds found with equation h=−16t^2+91t+15.When height be 102 feet?When will ball reach ground?

An object is thrown upward at a speed of 91 feet per second by a machine from a height of 15 feet off the ground. The height h of the object after t seconds can be found using the equation h = −... more


Perform the indicated operation and leave the answer in trigonometric form.


Write an equation for a ferris wheel problem

Hi, I've been struggling with this question for weeks despite having adequate knowledge of the topic. If anyone could solve this for me and provide an explanation it would be greatly appreciated.A... more

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