College Geometry

Find the area of △ABC , given that m∠C=90∘, BC=9 , and AB=12.a) 277‾√b) 54c) 187‾√d) 1352e) 277‾√2f) None of the above


If x is 32/4 then what is y in condition x+y=4?

For the time being vs. "for now"?

Consider the following passages:> A litter made of two rifles and two field jackets would suffice **for now**. That was good news; another bit was that the EPW was a lieutenant, a regimental... more

Heavy usage of synonyms in English or not?

I am a native German speaker and in German it is considered very bad style to use a word more than once in a sentence or even in close proximity. So you usually have a big list of synonyms in your... more

Does the abbreviation for Saint in a church name require a period?

In referring to a local church, does the name "St Giles" require a period after the "St"? I was told that to add a period confuses it with the abbreviation for street.

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