How can I say "How are you?" in Italian?

In English, it is usual to ask "How are you?" as a salutation. How can I say a similar thing in Italian?


Come posso dire a una persona "take your time" in italiano?

Come posso dire a una persona "take your time" oppure "make yourself at home" in italiano?Grazie.


Why do Italians respond to 'grazie' with 'di niente'?

Why do Italians respond to 'grazie' with 'di niente'?

What is the difference between albergo and hotel?

Since I'm not a native Italian speaker, I don't exactly know what the difference between *hotel* and *albergo* is. Would you mind telling me the difference, please?

How do we say "right back at you"?

When someone is wishing us something, how do we say "right back at you"?Is "lo stesso vale per te" the right and only response?

How do English words change when plural in Italian?

When an English word is used as a singular term in Italian, it is normal to use the English singular form, for example:* un film* un computer* un marine spaziale* un cowboyWhen the words are used... more


Dropping the last letter of a verb in some cases?

I have been listening to some Italian songs lately and I have noticed a fact that I don't know if it's a rule or it's done only in the spoken language of the song to improve the flow of the... more


Can "si passivante" be constructed with null subject in certain contexts?

Consider the following exchange in which si passivante appears:> A scuola, si leggono i libri?Surely a grammatical answer would be> Sì, si leggono i libri.If I wanted to not mention "i libri"... more

The use of "ne" in a sentence?

I am confused by the use of object in the sentence.In the sentence> *Io me ne sono ricordato*What is the meaning of *me* or *ne*?


adire in indicative present?

I'm searching for conjugation of verb "adire" and found different results on different places I found it isio adotu adilui adenoi ... more

When do we elide “dove è” into “dov'è”?

I have gone through various web pages about elision in Italian. All of them mentioned that we usually elide words like *di, la, le, nella, questo*, et cetera. But none of them mentioned the elision... more


Unclear translation; need help?

A while ago I asked the Galleria Borghese if I was allowed to film there, and they sent me this:> Gentilissimo, le comunico che sarà possibile scattare fotografie> durante la sua visita in... more


Non fermarti mai?

I'm just starting out learning Italian, so I do not know too much about it just yet. Onto the problem... In a few songs I've heard the phrase "non fermarti mai", which supposedly means "do not ever... more

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