Systems of equations

A piggy bank contains 30 coins worth $.1.90. If the bank contains nickels, dimes and quarters, how many coins of each types does it contain?


twice the diffrence of a number and 9 equal 6

help me i this to pass a class so help me please

How much will $100 buy you in 20 years? (Help pls.)

Inflation causes things to cost more, and for our money to buy less (hence your grandparents saying "In my day, you could buy a cup of coffee for a nickel"). Suppose inflation decreases the value... more


If m and r are two numbers on a number line, what is the value of r?

1) The distance between r and 0 is 3 times the distance between m and 0.(2) 12 is halfway between m and r.


How many odd factors does 210 have?

(A) 3(B) 4(C) 5(D) 6(E) 8


A car drives 40 miles on local roads at 20 mph, and 180 miles on the highway at 60 mph, what is the average speed of the entire trip?

(A) 36 mph(B) 40 mph(C) 44 mph(D) 52 mph(E) 58 mph


Is x + y positive?(1) x - y is positive.(2) y - x is negative.

A.if statement (1) by itself is sufficient to answer the question, but statement (2) by itself is not;B. if statement (2) by itself is sufficient to answer the question, but statement (1) by itself... more


how many adults

A total of 375 tickets were sold for the school play. They were either adult tickets or student tickets. The number of student tickets sold was two times the number of adult tickets sold. How many... more


Ladash Has saved 200 dollars. He spent three fourths of his savings on a new phone.

after selling items on Craigist, Ladash now has $125. How much did Ladash make from his Craigslist sales?

I need help with answering some work problems. I need a description of the breakdown to get the answer I need.

A large koi pond is being filled. The linear equation y=300+10x models the number y of gallons of water in the pool after x minutes. If the pond has a capacity of 4000 gallons, how many minutes... more

The length of a garden is 9 feet longer than its width. If the area of the garden is 70 square feet, find its dimensions.

 need to find dimensions of a rectangle where area is given.

simple interest and compound interest

 a certain sum of money at simple interest ,amounts to $768 in 4 years and to $832 in 6 years what is rate percent.

simple interest and compound interest

what is the least number of complete years in which a sum of money put out at 20% compound interest will be more than double?   (a)1 (b)3 (c)2 (d)4 (e)5

simple interest and compound interest

A man borrows a sum of money and agrees to pay $ 4000 at the end of the first year and $4600 at the end of the second year what is the sum ,when the rate of simple interest is 5%... more

simple interest and compound interest

Which of the following could be the no of complete years in which a sum of money put out at 20% yearly compound interest will become more than double but less than... more

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