Minimizing optimization

Design a fuel tank that will hold 300 liters of fuel. The shape must be a cylindrical tube with two rounded ends. The side wall (cylinder part) costs $.10 per cm^2 to make while the rounded tops... more

I need some help with variables.

So, I m in an online coding class and I have been stumped by this challenge. Here are my starting variables:     var x = 5; var y = 11; var z = 4;   I need my output to be: x = 2 y = 6 z... more


Find the domain and list all restricted values sqrt 1 - 3x

Find the Domain and list all restricted values sqrt 1 - 3x


The sum of the 2 numbers is 18 the difference is 8

  math math math math math math math math lesson today for the first day and I am so excited for this class.

Can someone please help me with these Math questions

1)the student enrollment at a college is 25,300 and is expected to increase by 2% next year. What will the enrollment be then?   2) four times the sum of theee times a number and two is 44. Find... more

olivia has 2 apples and jack has 3 apples. how many apples do they have in total?

please answer this questio... olivia has 2 apples and jack has 3 apples. how many apples do they have in total?


Determine if graph of a pair of lines are parallel

x+10=4 y-x=-6


Six times a number increased by 22 is greater than 7

Please help me convert this sentence into a problem.


Find Fianos age

Fiona is twice as old as Tessa. Seven years ago, the sum of their ages was 31. Find Fiona’s age now.


if k^log5 with base 2=16, then the value of k^(log5 with the base 2)^2 = ??

if klog25=16, then the value of k(log25)^2= ??


88.58 = (X + 247,000,000 - 24,240,000,000) / 1,520,000,000

solve for x answer is 158,634,600,000 but I keep messing up the steps.   


story problem

I need about 1/3 the number of tomatoes in eggplant. Knowing that I have twice as many tomatoes as zucchinis, and half as many bell peppers as eggplants. How many of each do I need?

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